Oddajemy w Wasze ręce cyfrową wersję albumu projektu "Razem 2020". Nasze jury wybrało najlepsze prace nadesłane przez wszystkich, biorąc pod uwagę różne aspekty. Niektórzy z nas oceniali warstwę wizualną, inni "prawdziwość", jeszcze inni pomysł. Tak powstał zróżnicowany album, który należy odbierać jako całość. Zależy nam na tym, by nie oceniać jednej fotografii, a spojrzeć na efekt pracy uczestników jako kompletne, ich wspólne dzieło. Jako twórcy inicjatywy, często byliśmy poruszeni, zaskoczeni, często bawiło nas poczucie humoru. Obraz naszej rzeczywistości pozostanie na długo w głowach nas wszystkich, jednak możliwość pokazania go następnym pokoleniom, to wartość sama w sobie.
Zdjęcia w naszej cyfrowej wersji albumu zawsze prezentowane są losowo. Chcieliśmy tym samym podkreślić, że w Razem 2020 kluczowym elementem było działanie, nie rywalizacja oraz że naszą rzeczywistość, każdy widzi inaczej.

Miłego oglądania
Zespół Razem 2020

PS. Wersja drukowana trafi do sprzedaży jeszcze w 2020 :)

KLIKNIJ, by przejść do albumu.


The time to fight the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus is difficult for all of us. We, photographers, also felt the effects, often losing overnight assignments planned for months.

However, we are able to do a lot for the world, showing how it looked in these difficult moments.

Together 2020 is a call for all photographers! All people who managed to capture in the pictures what Poland's reality looks like during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Send us your work illustrating what an epidemic threat looks like: life on the streetssport in times of pandemic and the opportunity to practice it, how cultural life looks like, how regular life looks like, or profesional life looks like.

Finally, the jury will select the best photographs that will be placed in a Book Album commemorating current events. Total revenue from the sale of Album Together 2020 will be allocated to support artists.

The creator of Together 2020 is the Scena Babel Association.

How does the Together 2020 Project work at a glance?
1. By 17.07 send photos taken during the epidemic emergency, taken in Poland.
2. Categories:
   - sport,
   - cultural life,
   - streets,
   - home,
   - work,
   - Poland from the sky.
2. The jury will select the best entries (200 photos in total!).
3. The selected photo will be printed in the commemorative Album Together 2020. The total profit from its sale will be allocated to the support of artists.



Curator of exhibitions and author of texts on art. He has been implementing curatorial projects since 2004 (including in the Artists' Colony in Gdańsk, the Kentler Gallery in New York, the Art Warehouse in Olsztyn, the Polish Library in Paris, the BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Olsztyn and the Wozownia Art Gallery in Toruń). Since 2009 she is employed as a curator at the National Museum in Gdańsk.
She collaborated on exhibitions at the Gdańsk City Gallery and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. In 2017, she received the Special Award of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.
The exhibitions that she carried out received the Pomeranian Artistic Award (Fete Funebre, 2017) and were nominated for the Pomeranian Storms and the Pomeranian Museum Award (Jacqueline Livingston: In the Shadow of Feminism on the Outskirts of American Art in the 1960s and 1970s, 2019). In 2019, she was a member of the jury of the 11th Olsztyn Biennale of Arts for the President's Medal. He cooperates with the Academy of Fine Arts conducting classes in contemporary art.


Specializing in sport photography for 20 years, mainly associated with the daily "Przegląd Sportowy" for which he photographed the most important sporting events in the world ... but quite small ones too :)
He loves to photograph ski jumping and cycling.
Sony ambassador.


He has been involved in advertising photography for 30 years.
He cooperates with advertising agencies and publishing houses in the country and in the world.
Author of photos for over 250 books and albums.
His works have been exhibited in galleries in Poland and abroad, including in Tokyo, New York, Paris.
Photography is work, passion and pleasure.


Designer and photographer. For many years, creating mainly in analogue technology. In love with everything related to the darkroom, prints and the process of developing negatives.
As a photographer, he works with large modeling agencies in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Her work has been published in magazines such as WhiteMAD, Label Magazine and Photo / Foto Magazine.
Her main inspiration are masters of reportage and portraiture from the 60s - Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Avedon and David Bailey.


Born in the Philippines, raised in the USA. He studied photography, film and painting at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In Hong Kong, he worked as a photojournalist and began his adventure with the world of fashion, a change that moved him to London where he lives to this day. His photos are characterized by lively and dynamic compositions that are a symbol of the creative energy of the fashion industry. In the movies, however, he uses the clear stylistic elements of super-8, skillfully weaving fashion into fascinating narratives and themes.
He exhibited in internationally in museums including le Center Georges Pompidou in Paris, PS1-M.O.M.A. in New York, CAFA in Beijing and Stazione Leopolda in Florence. His commercial clients are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Lancel and Adidas. He has received numerous awards of recognition and exhibited his photographs internationally, and holds post as Editor at Large for Nomads Magazine. He launched his already iconic jewellery line, Francis de Lara, in 2019.


He grew out of passion for reportage. He combines passion for nature and motorsport, specializing in offroad rally photos.
He also creates a series of stimulants to think about current social issues.
His photos show human emotions, he puts the most emphasis on them.


Graphic artist, head of the Department of Graphic Arts at the University of Arts in Poznań.
Assistant Professor at Work Lithographi, he also teaches the graphic novel UAP Poznań. He is active on the artistic and commercial market.
He deals with design graphics, posters, press illustrations and other forms of contemporary art. Participant of exhibitions and competitions, awarded many times in Poland and abroad.
Permanent collaborator of the Polityka weekly in the field of political illustrations and comments. Illustrator of books for children and young people, incl. Polityka, Ekonomia, Mózg, Kosmos.


Magdalena has been dealing with photography for the next few years, more and more often grabbing a mobile phone in her hand. Her work is always characterized by an idea, perfect composition and the ability to transfer the atmosphere. 
Winner of the VIVA Photo Awards 2019 (mobile phone photography), winner of Huawei competitions. Her works appeared, among others at National Geographic, Digital Photographer, Digital Camera.


To submit your photos you must be a registered user. Click "REGISTER" and fill out the form. If you have already registered, log in.


1. This document, hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations" sets out the conditions for participation in the photo project under the name "Together 2020", hereinafter referred to as "Project".
2. The Project Organizer is the Scena Babel Association, ul. Dworcowa 53/126, 10-437 Olsztyn.
3. Uczestnikiem Projektu może być osoba fizyczna, która wyśle zdjęcia wykonane od dnia 1.03 do dnia zakończenia zagrożenia epidemicznego wynikającego z pandemii koronawirusa COVID-19 obrazujące, przebieg tego zagrożenia. Zgłoszenia będą przyjmowane od 1 kwietnia 2020 roku. Terminem zakończenia przyjmowania zdjęć konkursowych będzie upływ 30 dni od dnia ogłoszenia zakończenia stanu epidemii na terenie Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, w każdym razie nie później niż 17 lipca 2020 roku.
4. The project is organized on the territory of the Republic of Poland.
5. The subject of the photo must correspond to one of the categories: sport in a pandemic, cultural life, street life, home life, professional life, Poland from a bird's eye view and depict the situation in the Republic of Poland during the epidemic threat.
6. The project may be attended by adults and minors after obtaining the written consent of the legal guardian, which should be attached to the application for participation in the form of a scanned document (only .pdf file)
7. The Organizer does not charge any fees for participating in the Project.
8. To submit work to the Project, please send photos via the form on the website
9. Each participant may submit up to 5 photos in any category. In case of sending more photos, the jury will consider only the first five.
10. Photographs must be in jpg or png format, their size cannot exceed 5MB. The resolution of the short side of the photo may not be less than 1000px. And longer, it cannot be higher than 2000px.
11. Sending photos and thus participation in the Project is tantamount to the statement that:
11.A. The works submitted to the Project are the authorship of the Participant and they are entitled to full copyright.
11.B. The participant has the consent of the people involved in the creation of the work to use their image, if the nature of the work requires it.
11.C. The participant accepts these Regulations.
12. Copyright belongs to the participants of the Project. 
13. The organizer prohibits the submission of illegal works.
14. The organizer reserves the right to remove photos that do not comply with these Regulations.
15. The organizer appoints a 9-person Project Jury, whose work is headed by Chairwoman Magdalena Szurek.
16. The task of the Jury is to select the best 200 photos by voting.
17. Publications of awarded works:
17.A. The 200 best works will be placed in a printed album entitled "Together 2020".
17.B. The 20 best works will be presented by the Organizer at the exhibition.
18. Participants undertake, after receiving information about the selection of their photos, within 7 days, to send photos in high resolution, i.e. with a resolution of the shorter side, minimum 3000px, as well as to send the title of the prize-winning work, and Name and Surname (or nickname) which the photo will be signed. If this obligation is not met, the Organizer removes the photo from the winners pool and places the work of the next participant in its place.
19. The results of the Jury's work will be announced within 60 days of the closing date for submitting applications, but not before September 1, 2020.
20. The jury's decisions are final.
21. Participants agree to the free use of their work in the Album "Total 2020", as long as the proceeds from its sale will be intended for non-commercial purposes. The author of the photos - a participant of the Project, upon the announcement of the results of choosing his photo (s) (hereinafter referred to as the Work), transfers to the Project Organizer, free of charge, the copyrights to the winning Work, in the scope of publication of the Work in the album 'Together 2020', to be reproduced in any number The song through publication in the album 'Together 2020'. The transfer of the above-mentioned copyrights also includes the right to sub-license.
22. The organizer is not responsible for not receiving applications resulting from reasons beyond his control.
23. The Organizer is not responsible for any failure by the Participants to comply with the provisions of these Regulations, in particular if the content of the Submission is unlawful, violates the rights of third parties, or violates decency.
24. The Organizer reserves the right to pursue claims for all damages incurred by the Organizer in connection with the failure by the given Participant to meet the requirements described in point 23.
25. Participants are not entitled to remuneration for participating in the Project, also for the use of photos by the Organizer in the manner described in point 21.
26. The administrator of personal data of the Participants of the Total 2020 Project is the Organizer. The Project Participant by participating in the Total 2020 Project consents to the processing of personal data for purposes related to the implementation of the Project.
27. In any case regarding the processing of personal data, the Participant may contact the Organizer via the email address: [email protected]
29. Project participants have the right to inspect the personal data provided, and the right to submit motions regarding their correction or requesting deletion of data. Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary to participate in the Project.
30. Polityka prywatności jest szczegółowo opisana na stronie
31. Osoby, które nie spełniają któregokolwiek z wymagań określonych w niniejszym Regulaminie lub umieszczą nieprawdziwe informacje, lub zdjęcia nie którego nie są autorem, zostaną automatycznie wykluczone z udziału w Projekcie.



Jestem zawodowym fotografem, czy mogę wziąć udział w Razem 2020?

Tak, oczywiście. Zapraszamy zawodowców do dzielenia się swoim doświadczeniem.

Nie jestem fotografem, ale lubię robić zdjęcia, czy mogę wziąć udział w Razem 2020?

Czekamy na Twoje prace. Celowo nie ograniczamy uczestników. Każdy może wziąć udział, każdy może pokazać świat, który go otacza.

Jestem osobą niepełnoletnią, czy mogą wziąć udział w Razem 2020?

Oczywiście! Musisz jedynie dostarczyć zgodę opiekuna. Zeskanuj taki dokument i wyślij go nam za pomocą formularza znajdującego się poniżej.


Co powinno być na zdjęciach?

To tylko zależy od Ciebie. Ważne jest tylko to, byś nie narażał swojego zdrowia, ani zdrowia bliskich. Przestrzegaj obostrzeń panujących na terenie kraju. 
A co na zdjęciach? Pokaż świat tak jak go widzisz, Twoimi oczyma. Każdy z nas jest świadkiem jakiegoś wycinka rzeczywistości, a razem stworzymy pełny obraz.

Jakie zdjęcia są preferowane? Kolorowe, czy czarno-białe?

Absolutnie nie mamy preferencji.

Czy są jakieś wymagania techniczne co do przesłanych zdjeć?

Tak. Aby wysłać zdjęcie, musi być ono w formacie JPG, mieć maksymalnie 5MB, a maksymalna szerokość i wysokość nie może przekraczać 2000px.


Co oznaczają w regulaminie zapisy o przeniesieniu praw autorskich na Organizatora?

Przeniesienie to jest obwarowane warunkami i tyczy się tylko i wyłącznie przeniesienia praw do zdjęć, które pojawią się w drukowanym Albumie Razem 2020 i dotyczy tylko tego jednego nośnika. Co więcej, obwarowane jest to również ograniczeniem, przeznaczenia zysków na cel charytatywny. Innymi słowy, nie mamy prawa korzystać z Twoich zdjęć w żadnych innych przypadkach, o ile nie zawrzemy dodatkowych ustaleń.

Czym jest sublicencja?

Próbujemy wydać album z pomocą jednego z profesjonalnych wydawnictw (przy zachowaniu charakteru non-profit, warunków do przekazania zysków na cel charytatywny). By to było możliwe, również wydawnictwo musi mieć prawną możliwość wykorzystania zdjęć, to właśnie zapewnia sublicencja. Tak samo wygląda kwestia organizacji wystaw: tu też udzielimy sublicencji organizatorowi.


You prefer to use email? [email protected].




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